Accomplishments and Future Goals: 2018

Track-Chair Program

  • Funded Track-Chair (TC) Program Manager’s position
  • Purchased Staunton’s 3rd track chair - ‘Mark 3’
  • Funded TC maintenance program, including replacement batteries for both Mark 1 and Mark 2. Purchased new plastic wheels for Mark 1 and 2 to replace damaged wheels. Purchased new rubber ‘track’ as preventative backup in case of damage
  • Purchased materials for TC garage (insulation and drywall)
  • Purchased surge suppressor for TC garage to prevent lightning damage to TC chargers, batteries, computers.
  • Received $2000 grant for purchase of ‘car/booster seats’ to accommodate our younger and smaller framed participants   
  • Designed and printed 2500 TC brochures
  • Raised $6000 at Mark Madsen Accessibility BBQ
  • Sponsored three groups of underserved participants with disabilities to be able to hike and fish at Staunton, utilizing a $2000 grant from Partners in the Outdoors Conference

Park Support:

  • Partially funded our 3rd Eagle Scout project. Puncheon bridge on Mason Creek Trail over spring wetland area
  • Funded Elk Creek kindergarten school trip. School bus transportation 
  • Purchased additional professional grade chain saw
  • Paid for taxidermy of female mountain lion for Visitor Center
  • Printed 2500 DP Interpretive trail brochures
  • Designed, printed and mailed 250 each of two marmot post cards
  • Designed and printed 250 calendars
  • Purchased new tent for Friends to be used at park events
  • Funded Blaine cabin roof restoration through grant received
  • Purchased 150 bike bells for special Staunton program through $4000 grant received
  • Participated in Staunton’s Marmot Fest adopt a marmot program
  • Participated in the 3rd annual statewide Partners in the Outdoors Conference
  • Attended Good News Breakfast

Future Goals:

  • Fundraising to support Staunton’s Historic Cabin Restoration Project
  • Provide funding for fire pit and gas line at the new Staunton campground amphitheater
  • Possible expansion of the Staunton TC Program
  • Purchase new safety chaps for Sawyer team
  • Continued support of TC program (maintenance of TC chairs, program manager position, brochure printing)
  • Display needs for new VC
  • Provide funding for TC trips for visitors with disabilities

Accomplishments and Future Goals: 2017

Track-Chair Program

  • Continued Support of Staunton Track-Chair Program:
  • Purchase of Mark 2  – Staunton’s 2nd track chair
  • Purchase of track-chair trailer
  • Designed and purchased track-chair trailer graphics
  • Participated in the 2nd Annual CPW Partners in the Outdoor Conference (3 day conference)
  • Participated in the 1st Annual Outdoor Adventure Expo @ Cherry Creek with the track chair
  • Successful 2nd Annual Mark Madsen Fund Raising BBQ
  • Received Partners in the Outdoor Conference grant for $2,000 to bring underserved people with disabilities to Staunton

Park Support:

  • Participated at Marmot Fest (40 marmots adopted)
  • Purchased Educational program items (skins & skulls) @ $1,400
  • Purchased Kubota utility vehicle @ $16,800
  • Purchased two Stihl - MS291 20” chainsaws @ $809
  • Purchased chainsaw backpacks @ $306
  • Received grant of $5000 from the Colorado Parks Foundation to purchase 3D targets
  • Received grant of $5000 from the Colorado Parks Foundation to purchase Bear-Proof trash containers

Future Goals:

  • Funding for seasonal Track-Chair Coordinator position
  • Expand Track-Chair Program with purchase of 3rd track chair
  • Raise funds for Campground amphitheater & gas fire pit
  • Participate in fund raising for Historic Cabin District restoration

Accomplishments and Future Goals: 2016

Track-Chair Program:

  • Held 1st BBQ fundraiser / raised $40,000 + in donations
  • Researched track chairs to determine which manufacturer/model was best for the program
  • Purchased first track chair w/ accessories $13,000
  • Working with CPW for possible program expansion to other parks
  • Hosted Track Chair ‘Key Ceremony’; Symbolic key turned over to Staunton park manager Zach Taylor. CPW promoted live Facebook feed of ceremony. Many donors were in attendance. Board members participated in media interviews. Press coverage was local, Colorado and national.
  • Received Partners in the Outdoors Grant for $2000. Worked in partnership with Hills-Inc. to bring three groups (8 participants each) of people with disabilities to visit Staunton. Two groups were adults with disabilities and one group was teens with disabilities. All participants hiked to the Davis ponds where they fished and learned about the outdoors.

Park Support:

  • Purchased an electric assist mountain bike for the park rangers; allows rangers to patrol remote areas of the park and quick response to emergencies inaccessible to park vehicles
  • Purchased materials for access bridge to meadow off Bugling Elk Trail; allows access over creek for invasive weed control and potential fire control
  • Provided materials for Eagle Scout Project on Davis Ponds Trail for a puncheon bridge to improve rock section over stream; allows improved wheelchair access for people with disabilities and improved stroller access for families. Donated materials came from Fiberon, Moore Lumber and Blue Linx.
  • Received a $3,500 grant from Colorado Parks Foundation to establish archery ranges at Staunton
  • Purchased a portable PA system for use by the education team during school visits and park staff during meetings and other events
  • Funded transportation for two school groups to visit the park for nature education
  • Designed and printed 2017 Staunton Calendar. AES Auctions sponsored the calendar.
  • Reprinted 1000 Davis Ponds Interpretive Trail Brochures with new maps
  • Surpassed 1000 likes on Friends’ Facebook page
  • Added a Mark Madsen Accessibility page and a donation feature to the Friends’ website
  • Participated in Elk Falls Trail dedication; demonstrated the track chair
  • 4 board members attended the 2016 Partners in the Outdoors Conference hosted by CPW
  • Participated in Marmot Fest

Future Goals:

  • Establish community partnerships with AES Auctions, Hills-Inc, Conifer Rotary and others
  • Work with CPW on possible fundraising opportunities / sponsors for future Staunton Visitor Center
  • Continue to fund raise to expand the Staunton Track-Chair program by adding a second track chair and provide funding to bring additional visitors with disabilities to Staunton
  • Work with CPW for possible expansion of a track-chair program into other Colorado state parks
  • Research and apply for additional grant opportunities

Accomplishments and Future Goals: 2015

Park Support

  • Purchased and installed an outdoor webcam, allowing for photos refreshed every 15 minutes and posted to our website. Park visitors can visit our website to see the current weather at Staunton. We believe this to be the first camera with live photos in any Front Range Colorado State Park. Visit the page
  • Applied for and received grants from two organizations, Access Fund & Scarpa, for the construction of an informational Climbers' kiosk. Materials were purchased, and through the assistance of park volunteers the kiosk was constructed and installed.
  • Participated in this years Marmot Fest which was a tremendous success. Adopted out 74 stuffed marmots, raising $1,850 and making 74 families very happy.
  • Received donations totaling $1,400 for the memorial fund set up for the late Mark Madsen who visited the park often and loved Staunton.
  • Made enhancements to our successful website, We are receiving more than 700 visits per week.
  • We are having continued success with our Facebook page. Our page is approaching 600 likes! Visit the page
  • We produced our 2016 Friends calendar. This is our third year producing the calendars and they have improved each year. Thanks to The Software Company and Brooks Place Tavern for sponsoring our calendar this year. We have already sold more than 70 calendars, raising in excess of $1,000.
  • Continued support of Staunton's Education Committee. Supporting travel expenses, etc. for school children to visit Staunton and learn about "preserving, promoting and protecting" the environment and our park.
  • Ice rescue equipment purchased at the request of park management for the safety of park visitors.
  • Preparation of art work and ordering informational signage for the Cabin District.
  • Participating in the grant process regarding the Cabin District Restoration Project. 

Board Development

  • Three new members joined our board, bringing our team to 7 members.
  • All board members participated in a two weekend long Board Retreat, reviewing our strategic plan, and enhanced our mission statement. Thanks to Kelly Trilk, husband of our board member, Sharon Trilk for donating his time to facilitate the sessions. 
  • Through a grant from the state 2 board members attended a 2 day "Partners in the Outdoor Conference" in Keystone Colorado. 

Future Goals

  • Purchase of items on the park's needs list, which include an e-bike for park personnel to help engage park visitors and facilitate rescues in remote areas.
  • Continue support of Staunton's Marmot Fest weekend.
  • Financial support for the park's education team. Fund transportation for school groups, such as Elk Creek Elementary School, to visit Staunton and learn about "preserving, promoting and protecting" the environment and our park.
  • Continue reviewing possible potential of the Benevon model for fundraising for the park.

Accomplishments and Future Goals: 2014

Park Support:

  • Solicited sponsors for Staunton State Park’s grand opening
  • Raised funds to support the following Grand Opening Activities: Shuttle buses, Children's climbing wall, Children’s mountain bike course, Commemorative pins
  • Raised additional funds through: Sale of notecards & calendars and the Adopt-A-Marmot-Program
  • Developed a Bird Checklist brochure and Davis Ponds Interpretive Brochure. Both are available for download under "Resources." Visit the page
  • Purchased trail building equipment that was most recently used to build the new trail to the top of Lion's Head.
  • Currently in the process of setting up a weather camera that will be linked to the Friend's website.
  • Supported "Marmot Fest" through the Adopt-a-Marmot Program
  • Purchased AED device for the park

Board Development:

  • Established initial board of directors - Prepared and filed the following documents:
  • Articles of incorporation (received on 10/25/2012)- 501 (c) 3 received on 04/14/2013 (dated back to date of filing) 
  • Filed IRS form 990-N
  • Established contacts & developed ongoing relationships with: Community Partners, Conifer Chamber of Commerce, Individual and Family Members, Friends of Colorado State Parks, Friends groups from other Colorado state parks
  • Membership Brochure produced. Visit the page 
  • New and improved website 
  • Facebook page launched: Visit the page 

 Future Goals:

  • Developing desired skill sets & soliciting new board members and committee chair positions
  • Developing formal marketing plan and branding
  • Assist park management on developing a “Recognition” program
  • Fund raising & membership drive
  • Solicitation for grants to support Staunton State Park needs
  • Interpretive signage at key locations in the park
  • Purchase of additional trail building equipment and help fund additional trails
  • Funding for future historic building restorations


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